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Arena for news media

The Lindholmen Science Park Media & Democracy initiative is highly topical. Together with the national and international media sector and leading researchers, Lindholmen Science Park aims to establish a unique arena for collaboration on development and research.

The initiative takes as its starting point the rapid changes under way in the media sector (press, radio, and TV), including the acceleration of information flows, shifts in consumer behaviour, digitization and the need for viable business models. These developments raise many parallel questions, one being how they will impact democracy.

Lindholmen Science Park and representatives from the media sector, academia, and other organizations will use the initiative to create a national collaboration platform. The first step is to identify common issues and stimulate developments through experiments and projects.

With the support of the Culture Committee and the Regional Development Committee of Västra Götaland Region, and after a two-year preparation period, the work will commence from the perspective of the media's democratic role and its role as a common denominator in the local community.

During the spring of 2016, the government’s media policy inquiry will be presented; an interim report was published in November 2015. One of the initiative’s objectives is to establish a collaboration platform with Lindholmen Science Park as a neutral host, which could take certain issues further based on the media policy inquiry.