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Media sector and academia met at MEG

A workshop where the industry and academia meet to discuss development and future challenges
Meg – The Media Days – at the Swedish Exhibition and Congress Center in Göteborg, was in many ways a success. Lindholmen Science Park hosted meetings between the media sector and academia to discuss the future of the industry and the role of research.

Lindholmen Science Park hosted two open workshops, in which the industry and academia were able to meet and discuss developments and challenges, about how to utilize research findings in operational development and whether or not research is addressing the actual challenges of the industry.

Meet & Greet-sessions were also held with several prominent guests at Lindholmen Science Park’s lounge.

“Our objective was to contribute to an open meeting place and and arena to encourage and enable dialog between individuals and various parts of the media industry and I believe we accomplished. Key individuals shared opinions in a direct and transparent manner with respect to needs and challenges, which provided listeners with many important views to take away with them,” says Maria Hedlund, Head of Corporate Communications and Marketing for Lindholmen Science Park. 

A total of more than 4,700 visitors were reported at Meg15, which is 600 more than in the preceding year. The number of program items was also at a record level: 150 program items with 180 participants.

Photos from Meg, March 5-6

Lindholmen Science Park’s lounge functioned as an open arena with scope for dialog and discussion.

Meet & Greet with Unni Jerndal, Head of Communication for the Swedish Police

Meet & Greet with Archbishop Antje Jackelén

Meet & Greet with Minister for Gender Equality Åsa Regnér.

meg5_webb.jpgCarl Bernstein interviewed by Swedish Radio in Lindholmen Science Park’s lounge.